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Swim Squads Sydney

The Y NSW's swim squads in Sydney cater to swimmers of all levels, from beginner to pro. Our swim squads are led by experienced coaches who provide instruction and guidance on technique, training, and racing. Swimmers of all levels are welcome in the squad system, and there is a squad for every level of swimmer.

The beginners' squad is designed for those who are new to competitive swimming or who have only recently started swimming. The focus of this squad is on developing basic techniques and fitness.

The next level up is the development squad, which is aimed at those with some experience in competitive swimming and looking to improve their skills and performance.

The performance squad is for swimmers competing at a state or national level or aiming to do so. This squad provides more advanced coaching and training to help swimmers reach their full potential.

Benefits of Joining a Swim Squad at the Y NSW

Swim squads at the Y are a great way to improve your swimming skills and get in shape. There are many benefits to joining a swim squad, including:

  • Access to experienced coaches who can help you improve your technique and reach your goals
  • A supportive team environment that will motivate you to
  • Regular workouts that will challenge your body and help you get in better shape
  • The opportunity to compete in meets and events, representing your swim squad with pride

Types of Swim Squads at the Y NSW

The Y offers a variety of swim squads to cater to swimmers of all levels, from beginner to pro. Here are some of the different types of swim squads that you can find at the Y:

  • Beginner Swim Squad: This squad is perfect for those just starting in the sport of swimming. The coaches will work with you on the basics, such as stroke technique and breathing. You will also learn how to properly warm up and cool down.
  • Intermediate Swim Squad: This squad is geared towards those who have mastered the basics and are now looking to take their swimming to the next level. The coaches will work with you on more advanced techniques like starts, turns, and finishes. You will also swim longer distances in workouts.
  • Advanced Swim Squad: This squad is for experienced swimmers who are looking to compete at a high level. The coaches will push you to your limits and help you fine-tune your skills. You will swim intense workouts and race against other members of the squad.

No matter your skill level, there is a swim squad at the Y that is perfect for you!

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