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"My team came from Gladesville and having the Ryde Community Sports Centre nearby provides a social way to see each other and keep fit."

Anne - Ryde Netball Captain
Anne - Ryde Netball Captain -

Leading the Way: A Netball Captain's Experience of the Y NSW’s Ryde Community Sports Centre

At Ryde Community Sports Centre, passionate individuals come together to engage in various sports and build a strong sense of community. Among the various sports played at the Centre, netball holds a prominent place.

Anne Voss is a passionate netball player who loves a weekly game at her local Y sports centre. Reminiscing about her experiences playing at Ryde Community Sports Centre, Anne has plenty of fond and positive memories, with nothing stopping her from getting on the court with her friends and players for a weekly game.

As a netball captain at Ryde Sports Centre, Anne is more than just a regular user of the local facility, but rather a proud and committed part of the sport who loves the opportunity to share her love for the game.

“When the Centre started we were the first team to utilise the courts and we were very excited to have this sports facility in our local community,” explained Anne.

“I have played netball all my life but at the Centre for 11 years. I am in my 50s now so while I am slowing down with the number of times I play, I haven’t lost touch of the importance of having a local facility conveniently located in my community for the young and young at heart to enjoy,” she added.

Being a captain entails more than just leading the team on the court, it also involves gathering locals with the shared passion for netball, sport, keeping healthy and social, as part of a good work and life balance.

“My team came from Gladesville and having the Ryde Community Sports Centre nearby provides a social way to see each other and keep fit. As a bunch of older ladies who work hard and have family commitments, it is great to have somewhere local to enjoy our sport on a regular basis,” she added.

Aside from modern facilities, Anne also appreciates the time and commitment that is shown by the Y NSW staff.

“The staff are great and hugely helpful, which isn’t always the case with local sporting facilities. As many will know with a team sport, it is always helpful to have team members who will go out of their way to assist with finding fill-ins.

Ryde Community Sports Centre takes pride in providing equal opportunities for individuals of all ages and skill levels to participate in sport. The centre offers well-maintained courts and accessible facilities, ensuring that players of all aged have access to safe facilities.

“The facilities are very versatile as you can use the Centre for a variety of sports that appeal to young kids and adults. From playing soccer to basketball, futsal and netball. It is fantastic to have a mix of indoor and outdoor facilities for a range of sports,” concluded Anne.

The Y NSW Ryde Community Sports Centre plays a vital role in the community by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for local sporting competitions and activities. The benefits of participating in local sport at the Centre extend beyond the physical aspect, fostering personal growth, social connections, and community engagement.

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