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Play Indoor Soccer (Futsal) in Sydney

Indoor Futsal Competitions for Men, Women, Kids & Youth

Where better to play Futsal, an exciting variant of indoor soccer, than at the Y – the organisation that invented the sport?!

Futsal at the Y’s Sydney and New South Wales Sports and Leisure Centres is all about building a strong sense of community as well as keeping physically fit. Become part of the futsal community at the Y and not only will you improve your skills, tactics and strategy of the game, importantly you will have the opportunity to make new friendships and connections in a welcoming and professionally run environment. 

Futsal was developed to meet the needs of players who didn’t have space to play soccer. The rules are similar to soccer but the game is played indoors and uses smaller balls (usually size 4 soccer balls) that are usually heavier and have less bounce. There are two teams with five aside verses 11 in outdoor soccer, and games are played in two halves each 20 minutes long. At Ryde there is a variant of Futsal played where the games are played in 2 x 15 minute halves.

Futsal is a great way to stay in shape and enhance your agility. It’s a fantastic cardiovascular workout that helps improve coordination and reflexes. 

Futsal is played with five players versing five players, one of which will be a goalkeeper

Whether you are a seasoned futsal player or looking for futsal for beginners, there’s a Sydney futsal team for you! We offer divisions covering men’s futsal, women’s futsal and mixed futsal teams. And with winter and summer futsal tournaments, you can play futsal all year! We also offer junior Learn to Play programs focused on skill developing and fun for younger players.

Why Choose Our Indoor Futsal Competitions?

  1. Modern Facilities: Experience the thrill of futsal in our modern indoor facilities equipped with high-quality playing surfaces, ensuring a fast and enjoyable game.
  2. Inclusive for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a futsal pro or a beginner, our competitions cater to all skill levels. Join a league that matches your competitiveness and aspirations.
  3. Gender-Equal Competitions: Embrace the spirit of equality in our men's and women's futsal leagues. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and recognition for both male and female players.
  4. Passionate Community: Become part of a vibrant futsal community in Sydney. Forge new friendships, build camaraderie, and celebrate the love of the game with like-minded individuals.
  5. Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of a busy life. Our competitions offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your commitments while ensuring you never miss the action on the futsal court.

How to Join Our Futsal Competitions Across Sydney:

  1. Team Registration: Gather and register your squad for an unforgettable futsal experience. Whether you're a group of friends, colleagues, or a club, we welcome all teams to join the excitement.
  2. Individual Sign-Ups: Don't have a team? No problem! Sign up as an individual, and we'll match you with other players to form a competitive and fun team.

At the Y, we make it affordable for you to enjoy being part of a futsal team! We keep insurance and competition costs to a minimum as we focus on welcoming everybody.  

Register now and let the games begin!

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