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Fitness App FAQs

Why do I need the app?

This app will provide our fitness members several key outcomes from class bookings to tracking fitness data and your exercise programs available in the palm of your hand.

How do I obtain access?

Once you have downloaded The Y NSW app and created your account, it will ask:

  • to enable location allowing any of your outdoor activity used within the app to be tracked and record data
  • enable services that allows your activity tracked in your phone to be shared with the app which ensures all data is in one location
  • enable push notifications; this will allow the app to share booking and appointment reminders with you. We recommend all are enabled.

How do I choose my facility?

Once app registration and set up is complete, it will ask you which Y facility you are a member of and will be connected to.

How do I book for a classes in the app?

All future class bookings will now be made via the app from Friday February 12 for classes commencing Monday the 15th of February and on. Class bookings can be made a maximum of 3 days ahead of any class, available to book from 7.00am each morning.

To book a class:

  • Select the Class Timetable banner in the landing page of your app
  • Select the date of your class across the top of the screen
  • Click the box saying ‘BOOK’ corresponding to your preferred class
  • If the class is full, you can put yourself on the waiting list in the event there are cancellations
  • If its outside the 3-day booking period, you can select ‘REMIND ME’ and the app will tell you when you that class is available for bookings

What if I can’t attend a class I’m booked for?

We kindly ask all members that book a place for a class and needs to cancel please does so via the app at their earliest convenience. This will allow others who are on the waiting list to secure a place in the class
To cancel:

  • Return to the class timetable
  • Find your class and select ‘DELETE BOOKING’ to remove yourself from the class

How do I obtain a fitness program and a fitness consultation?

Your first stop is to connect with a member of our fitness team to book you in for a consultation. These consultations and programs that have in the past been on paper will now be digital and accessible to you in and outside of the gym.


How do I adjust my profile settings in the app?

Your profile tab, the fourth option along the bottom of the app, will allow you to see your records and your settings in the app.
Your settings can allow you to:

  • ‘Edit Profile’ will allow you to update your details and preferences
  • Connect a Heart Rate monitor to your app to capture more fitness data
  • Connect to other fitness apps in your phone; ideal to those using a variety of other fitness apps allowing the data to be shared into the app as your ‘one stop shop’ for activity information
  • Notifications; the preferred option is to enable push notifications. You can also select emails across the variety of options
  • Class Timetable; this allows you the ability to also have your class bookings sync into the calendar in your phone to help plan your day and week better
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