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Alternative Suspension

The Y NSW Alternative Suspension Program is a pilot project for Australia that comes with more than 20 successful years of delivery in Canada and Europe. The program was developed by YMCA du Quebec and has been delivered to more than 30 communities across Canada, France and the United Kingdom, with 3000 young people referred annually. Another 13 programs were launched globally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alternative Suspension (AS) transforms the student’s suspension period away from school into a positive experience, fostering personal development and autonomy. By putting disengaged students in an environment that promotes self-worth, goal setting, the acquisition of social skills and community respect, the program seeks to increase its participants’ resilience and ability to persevere in education, reducing the number of repeat suspensions.

Qualified youth workers will support parents, schools and participants to work together, developing action plans for the earliest and smoothest transition of the young person back into mainstream education or alternative training pathways.

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The Y (YMCA) Alternative Suspension program was founded by the YMCAs of Quebec, in Montreal, Canada.  The YMCAs of Quebec are an instrumental partner in the continued development of the program.

Alternative Suspension FAQs

How is the program structured?

Click on the infographic below to find out more about a student's pathway through the program.

The key steps include:

  1. Referral 
  2. Daily activities
  3. Returning to school and follow ups


How does the referral process work?

Click on the infographic below to find out more about the referral process.


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