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Activities and Programs

Camp Programs

Camp Yarramundi and The Lodge at Olympic Park offer a wide range of engaging activities and programs. Our programs can be either fully or semi programmed to include any of the below listed activities.

Fully programmed - Instructors facilitate the program from start to finish for example on a standard 3 day program instructors will facilitate 8 daytime adventure activities, 2 on the 1st day, 4 on the 2nd  day and 2 on the 3rd day. In addition instructor will run night activities on each night between 7pm and 9pm.

Semi programmed - Instructor facilitate half the number of activities, for example on a standard 3 day program the instructors will facilitate either 2 activities on 2 of the 3 days or 4 activities on the middle day. The remainder of time is use for the school or groups own programming.

Camp Yarramundi Activities

Activities are run by our qualified instructors and incorporate varying degrees of facilitation to deliver program outcomes such as confidence and team building, leadership and communication, initiative and critical thinking.

Participation is voluntary.

  • Abseiling: A 10 metre high abseil tower for personal challenge and achievement, building self esteem and trust. Natural face abseils can be arranged for expedition programs.
  • Alpine Rescue: A ground level obstacle course with a series of challenges and scenarios promoting teamwork, trust, leadership and communication. Requires full group cooperation, no room for individuals here!
  • Archery: We teach the basic skills and techniques for shooting on the range.
  • Artificial Cave Maze: An amazing teamwork and bonding activity for all ages—including primary schools. Campers move through a series of obstacles in an artificial caving system, and degree of difficulty can be varied according to age.
  • Bushcraft: This program can include shelter building, cooking out, learning how to build a fire and teaching basic bush survival skills.
  • Camp Out: This is an offsite camp out experience. Groups discover how to survive in the bush and are required to cook their own food. Trangia cooking stoves are supplied.
  • Canoeing/kayaking: Our canoeing program is conducted on the beautiful, meandering Grose River. We teach the basic strokes and techniques and paddle downstream. Great fun and great for teamwork. Quiet & unspoilt by powerboat traffic this is the ideal activity for environmental awareness and appreciation.
  • Flying Fox: 10 meters high and 80 meters long this is a great way to build confidence at height.
  • Giant Swing: A 15 metre high harnessed swing. Challenge by choice is the key here with the swinger in control of the release. A great team building activity as the rest of the group is required to “haul” the swinger to the top. A definite “WOW” factor that challenges swingers to face their fears.
  • High Ropes Course: Our challenge ropes course requires participants to make their way around an aerial obstacle course. Climbers are harnessed and work in pairs to manoeuvre around the course. Overcoming fears and stepping outside the comfort zone are all important.
  • Initiatives: Problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork and communication are the keys to these activities. Although less physical than some of the other activities, this is an important activity for establishing cohesive teams.
  • Low Ropes: Our low ropes course is a series of challenges, ropes and obstacles, conducted just a foot or two off the ground. Great for building confidence, trust and teamwork.
  • Multi Group Challenge: A serious initiative activity, this activities requires the group think outside the box to complete this mental and physically challenging activity.
  • Night Activities*: These programs can include a disco, a talent quest, games night, trivia quiz or campfire. A guest speaker can be arranged for special interests, & curriculum programs. These include aboriginal culture, a reptile presentation (with actual reptiles) and so on.
  • Orienteering: Teaches participants how to orientate and read the map but also promotes communication, team building and problem solving. Learn basic compass skills as you navigate around camp. Great activity for groups up to year 8.
  • Rock Climbing: Onsite we have a 10 metre artificial wall with climbs to suit all ages and levels. Goal setting, team work and trust are the focus with the teams of belayers protecting and encouraging the climber. Natural face climbs can be arranged for expedition programs.
  • Vertical Challenge: 12 meters high of obstacles this is a challenging activity requiring the group to work together, to communicate and to encourage each other.
  • Swimming and sports: Swimming pool, cricket, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball equipment all available for use.


Sydney Olympic Park Lodge Activities/Programs

  • Introduction to Camping Program: Tent camping in the grounds of Newington Armory, students are taught the basic skills required before expanding into more adventurous expedition programs. 
  • Navigation Orienteering Program: Teaching navigations from the ground up, this program uses the grounds within Newington Armory to as a navigation training ground where our participants navigate their way around the grounds from feature to feature.
  • Race around Sydney Olympic Park: This is an advanced navigation exercise combining old navigation with modern technology. Participants will make their way around the SOPA precinct using their navigations skills. They will come across many check points of cultural, historical and environmental significance, learning the value of each site with the help of modern technology.
  • Archery: Bows arrows and targets, fun activity for kids and a great way to have some time out.
  • Team building initiatives games: All about fun, communication, bonding and problem solving including: Spiders web, Rocky crossing, Toxi waste, Tower building, Fashion parade and Billy cart race.
  • Discover Sydney Program: Is all about discovering Sydney. On our guided excursions participants will travel on the River Cat and ferry system to visit some of Sydney’s most iconic locations. Discovering Sydney Harbour students will visit places of historical, cultural and environment significance.

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