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Fee Assistance

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It is our aim that no person willing, but unable, to pay will be denied access to YMCA programs or services.

The Y is committed to ensuring opportunities for all. We believe that participation in any of our programs and services should not be restricted to the financially privileged. Through Fee Assistance, we will make healthy lifestyles accessible to all people.

Fee Assistance is available across all of our program areas, for individuals, families, or groups. It can be used to provide free access to programs and membership, or can provide partial subsidy dependent on the individual’s ability to pay.

The YMCA NSW Strategic Plan 2011-2015 set a benchmark for how much Fee Assistance we should provide. By 2015, we aim to have 5% of YMCA members on Fee Assistance. It’s our job to identify those in need in our communities, and ensure that they have opportunities to be happier and healthier through opportunities at their local Y.



Anyone experiencing financial hardship or disadvantage can apply or be referred for Fee Assistance. Centre Managers are responsible for assessing applications against set criteria that will determine the suitability of the person for Fee Assistance. Criteria include:

  •  Applicant is willing, but unable to pay full fee due to financial hardship
  •  Applicant shows a clear potential to benefit from involvement in the chosen program
  •     Applicant is able to provide proof of financial hardship (this requirement may be waived at manager’s discretion)

Examples of genuine financial hardship or disadvantage:

  •  Loss of job due to circumstances beyond the member’s control
  •  Physical or mental illness that has led to loss of income
  •  Family break down that has led to loss of income
  •     Any circumstance that is beyond the control of the member that has led to loss of income

We understand that identifying people who need Fee Assistance is not easy. To help, we have developed the table below with some examples. This is a rough guide - there are always exceptions and every person’s circumstance is unique.


Step 1: Identification of new fee assistance applicant (through referral or individual contact)

Step 2: Process new application

Step 3: Review fee assistance application after no more than 6 months. Fee Assistance may be renewed or ceased at this time.


The following form may only be completed by an agent and will be subject to approval by the Centre Manager.

Example of appropriate agencies:

Local, State or Federal Govermnent agencies working with the disadvantaged, marginalised populations, Indigenous Australians, the disabled or elderly, families and / or children, employment agency or similar.

Example of appropriate individuals:

Justice of the Peace, School Principal, Teacher, Medical Practitioner or therapist, Accountant, Member of Parliament, Police Officer, Lawyer, Case Worker or similar.