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Children’s Swimming Lessons

Dive into an Aquatic Adventure with Us!

Are you searching for an exciting and secure way for your child to become a proficient swimmer? Look no further than our dynamic children's swimming lessons in Camden! We've carefully crafted a program that imparts essential skills, builds confidence and creates unforgettable aquatic experiences for your child.

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What Makes the Y's Swim Program Stand Out

We're deeply dedicated to swimming and committed to water safety at the Y. Our qualified instructors have extensive experience teaching children of all ages and various skill levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers. Your child's well-being and progress are our top priorities, ensuring they relish every moment of their aquatic journey.

Set Sail on a Learning Adventure

Let your child dive into the joy of learning to swim – a journey that ignites joy and kindles a lifelong love for water. Our swimming classes are exciting and tailored to each child's unique skill level, whether they're taking their first strokes or fine-tuning their technique.

Benefits That Extend Beyond the Pool

Learning to swim early brings numerous benefits that reach beyond pool playtime:

  • Water Safety Awareness: We equip your child with essential water safety knowledge to navigate aquatic environments responsibly.
  • Physical Development: Swimming enhances coordination and physical fitness, fostering a healthier lifestyle from a young age.
  • Confidence Boost: Achieving swimming milestones and conquering water challenges boost your child's self-esteem.
  • Social Connections: Our supportive atmosphere helps children make friends and connect with fellow young swimmers.
  • Lifelong Love for Fitness: We lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and fitness through swimming.

Fostering Confidence, Creating Cherished Memories

Confidence in the water is vital for young swimmers. Our patient instructors create a safe, nurturing environment where children overcome water fears and acquire essential water safety skills. Our classes are filled with laughter, splashing and engaging activities that keep your child motivated and actively involved.

Preparation for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

Swimming is a vital skill that opens doors to various opportunities. Our program equips children with essential abilities to stay safe in and around water, establishing a strong foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment and safety in any aquatic setting. As they grow, they'll continue exploring new skills, improving social interactions, and embracing the numerous rewards of water activities.

Convenient Local Children's Swimming Lessons

Our lessons are conveniently held at the Camden War Memorial Pool, ensuring easy access for you and the ideal swimming class for your child.

Dive In Today!

Give your child the invaluable gift of swimming by enrolling them in our swimming classes. Witness their growth in confidence and their acquisition of vital skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Dive into a world of fun and learning with us!


Learn To Swim - Enquire

Learn to Swim Customer Portal

The Learn to Swim Customer Portal allows families to:

  • View your child’s skill progression
  • Update personal details such as contact information and billing details
  • Mark children as absent with as little as 3 hours’ notice prior to your lesson
  • Book make-up lessons 2 days in advance (*Direct Debit customers only)

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Make-up Lessons and Absentees


For any questions regarding booking via our Learn To Swim Portal, refer to these FAQs.

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