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Below are some answer to common questions. If the question you're looking for isn't addressed here, please let us know.

When do I drop my child off and pick them up for Before and After School Care?

Please get in touch with individual centres for start times and closing times. We do not accept children into centres prior to or after the nominated times.

How old does my child have to be to go to Before and After School Care, and Vacation Care?

During the School Term children can be enrolled into our services if they are attending a primary school. This is usually between the ages of 5-12 years.

Children attending primary school during that year can attend Vacation Care. This means for children who are starting kindergarten, they can attend Vacation Care in January of the year they are enrolled in primary school even if they are four years old.

How much does Before and After School Care, and Vacation Care cost?

While we have set rates for Before and After School Care and Vacation Care, each family's fees will be determined by their CCB. Please contact your OSHC centre for information on current program fees.

Other care options during Vacation Care may attract a higher rate, such as excursions.

What can I do if my child's school does not have an OSHC?

Please refer to our centre locator to determine if we have a bus drop off or pick up from your child's school. If you believe there is a growing demand for care at your child's school, please feel free to lodge an Expression of Interest Form and one of our management staff will pay a visit to your school principal.

Who do I tell if my child has an allergy?

When you are enrolling your child into care you will receive a comprehensive Enrolment Form where you will be able to list down your child's individual health needs. Along with this we will provide you with Medical Alert Forms to provide us with further information.

The Centre Coordinator they will review your child's needs and ensure they have all the information required to care for your child. All staff will be made aware of any special requirements to ensure your child's safety.

Do we take children with additional needs?

We have a comprehensive intake process for children with additional needs. This will require parents to complete an Intake Form which clearly outlines individual information about their child. A decision will be made based on this information as to the possibility of being able to provide care.

In some situations where the centre may not be set up to meet the individual needs or staff don't have the professional skill to provide care, parents will be referred on to another local service.

Staff may offer a child a trial within the service where it is unclear from the information provided by family if the child's needs can be met. If, at the end of the trial, care cannot be provided, a referral will be made. Where care can be provided staff will proceed with the enrolment and in some situations apply for Inclusion Support Funding to employ an extra staff member to lower staff to child ratios