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Youth & Kids

At the Y, we believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. Thanks to the Y's youth-specific programs and services, more young people in communities around the state are taking a greater interest in learning, building self-confidence and making smarter life choices. 

  • YMCA Arts & Crafts

    Your child will enjoy exploring their creative side with this exciting Y program. As well as learning new skills, exercising their imagination and creating different craft items to take home each week, creative kids aged from five to 12 will love mixing and making friends with other children in our relaxed Y setting.

  • YMCA Flexible Respite

    Children aged from five to 12 with a physical or intellectual disability are sure to enjoy this After School and Vacation Care program. It offers a range of engaging activities catering to your child’s individual needs and interests – including fun craft, games, music, sports and excursions – and an opportunity to enjoy good times with other children and build allimportant social networks.

  • YMCA Get Fit Kidz

    This after-school program for kids aged between five and 12 is not just about fitness – it’s about positive exercise habits for life. The age-appropriate exercise program is delivered by a qualified Y fitness trainer, with the emphasis on variety, fun, safety, confidence and self-esteem.

  • YMCA Healthy Futures

    Healthy Futures gives youths detained at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre in regional NSW a range of positive experiences to help them turn their lives around. Through fitness, personal development and vocational training, the program supports young people to rehabilitate, reconnect, share positive experiences and stay out of trouble.

  • YMCA Homework Help

    At the Y, we’re about improving minds as well as bodies, as our Homework Help program for kids aged five to 12 proves. It provides a supportive and friendly after-school environment where children can tackle their homework, supervised and guided by our encouraging staff.

  • YMCA Itty Bitty Sports

    A fun children’s program that challenges body and mind, the Y’s Itty Bitty Sports program focuses on a new sport each session. As well as learning the basic skills required to play each game, your child will develop the life skills needed for teamwork and making friends.

  • YMCA Junior Gym

    With a friendly setting, the latest gym equipment and positive supervision, the Y’s Junior Gym is a program that develops skills, builds connections and inspires confidence. Open to all children aged from five to 10 years, it is particularly useful for improving coordination and spatial awareness.

  • YMCA Kinder Sports

    With the Y, you’re never too small to start playing sport. The program is a fun way for children to discover team sports. Pre-schoolers from age three can try their hand at soccer or multisports (soccer, netball, lacrosse, European handball and dodgeball), while the five-to-10-yearolds can choose from outdoor soccer, multi-sports, basketball or badminton.

  • YMCA Kinder Tots

    Need a hand with toddler-taming? This Y program is designed to introduce tots aged 18 months to three years to the concept of structure, the fun way. With help from you, your child will enjoy a variety of exercises each week, developing social skills, strength, coordination and confidence. It’s a great program for connecting you with other families.

  • YMCA Leaders in Training

    Bringing together the many benefits of work experience and volunteering, the Y’s Leaders in Training program is an opportunity for young people to develop their leadership potential. As a part of one of our centre teams, you will gain practical experience in the recreation industry, and grow both personally and socially.

  • YMCA Learn & Grow

    Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in this program for pre-schoolers aged from three to five. The leaning curriculum covers letters, shapes, colours, hand-eye coordination and much more to keep your child challenged and engaged. Learn & Grow is also the place for them to make friends and learn valuable social skills.

  • YMCA Motion & Music

    If your child loves to dance to music, involving them in the Y’s Motion & Music program is sure to be a popular decision. Designed to introduce children aged three to five to basic rhythm through preschool songs, this class will give them a head-start in developing coordination, confidence and social skills, and best of all it’s a fun place for them to make new friends.

  • YMCA Teen Fit Camp

    Getting healthy is just one of the many benefits of Teen Fit Camp. Custom-designed for kids aged 12 to 16, it consists of challenging age-appropriate exercises that will give you good fitness habits for life, help you build your confidence and provide great opportunities for fun and friendship.

  • YMCA Teen Gym

    If you’re aged from 11 to 16 and want to feel good inside and out, head down to Teen Gym at the Y. This after-school program is a fun and friendly fitness option just for teenagers, with qualified fitness trainers to show you how to develop positive exercise and healthy eating habits for life. As well as building physical strength and health, Teen Gym will boost your confidence, self-esteem and opportunities for friendship.

  • YMCA Teen Gym Access

    This fitness program comes with freedom from structured classes, making it a great option for teens aged 12 to 16. You can work at your own pace towards your own goals, while still having access to the social and supportive Y environment for motivation and encouragement.

  • Learn-To-Play

    Aimed at five - 12 year olds along with Teen Sports classes, our sports program provides a fun introduction to sports. Each session includes skills, training and a mini-game. 

     Please see updated timetable for TERM 2 2014 for Learn to Play below

     Please call 9869 8966 to book a free trial class!

    DayProgram/ SportAge groupTime
    Kinder Soccer 
    3 - 5 year olds
    10:00am to 11:00pm
      Indoor Soccer

    5 - 8 year olds

    9 - 12 year olds 

     4:00pm to 5:00pm

    5:00pm to 6:00pm




     Indoor Multi Sport


    5 - 8 year olds

    9 - 12 year olds 


     4:00pm to 5:00pm

    5:00pm to 6:00pm

      Teen Basketball13 - 17 years old5:00pm to 6:00pm 



    5 - 8 year olds

    9 - 12 year olds 

     4:00pm to 5:00pm

    5:00pm to 6:00pm


    5 - 8 year olds

    9 - 12 year olds 

     4:00pm to 5:00pm

    5:00pm to 6:00pm

    5 - 12 year olds 
    9 - 17 year olds 
     4:00pm to 5:00pm
    5:00pm to 6:00pm