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Our Volunteers: Sarjit's story

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) matches people in aged care with community volunteers who provide one-on-one visits on a regular basis.

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Our Volunteers: Esther

Esther is one of our volunteer 'Taskies' who help with the running of programs such as YMCA NSW Youth Parliament.

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Celebrating our volunteers

Volunteers are a wonderful part of our family. In fact, they have been the backbone of the YMCA throughout our history. We wouldn’t be here without the work our volunteers have done over the last 160 years!

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Our Volunteers: Meet Abe!

At 92 years, age and life circumstances have never deterred Abe, he just keeps smiling! Abe is one of our valued Breakfast Club volunteers at Lake Haven Recreation Centre.

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Youth Empowerment: Ruby's story

For the past 13 years YMCA Youth Parliament has offered a platform for young people to develop in youth-led advocacy and active community leadership.

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