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YMCA NSW appointed to manage Canberra Olympic Pool

Canberra Olympic Pool

The ACT Government has announced that YMCA NSW has been appointed as the interim operator at Canberra Olympic Pool and will commence management operations from 1 July 2015.

In appointing the YMCA NSW, ACT Minister for Sport and Recreation Shane Rattenbury MLA spoke about how this is a great outcome for the local community.

“The YMCA has extensive experience in managing a variety of aquatic and leisure facilities in Canberra and throughout NSW, and I am very pleased that they are able to step in under an interim agreement until 31 March 2016, while longer term options for the facility are resolved”, he said.

More details on this announcement can be found in the ACT Government Press Release on YMCA NSW’s appointment as interim operator of Canberra Olympic Pool.

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