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YMCA Swimathon

Each year on the first Sunday of March YMCA's across Australia take part in the YMCA Swimathon - a national fundraising event where people come together and swim laps to raise money all in the name of supporting people with disabilities and limited mobility to learn to swim and enjoy the water safely.

Together we have raised over $525,000 nationally over the past three years to support thousands of Australians to learn to swim and be safe around water.

The funds have been spent on lots of different programs and services including:

  • Upskilling swim instructors 
  • Installing disability-access equipment, including pool hoists 
  • Enrolling thousands of people into swimming lessons.

And so much more!

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Why we do it

It’s simple, we want to support more people with disabilities in our communities to learn to swim and be safe around water. Why? Because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience how fun it is to swim.

Most Aussies learn to swim through school swimming lessons, with many learning this vital skill before they even hit primary school. But not everyone gets the chance to learn to swim. People with disabilities often require specially qualified swimming instructors or accessibility facilities. But more often than not there are not enough qualified swimming instructors or pools don’t have the equipment needed to offer access to the water.

This is why we Splash Out! So more people in communities like ours across Australia can to learn how fun it is to swim and enjoy water safely. While the YMCA Swimathon is a national event, all funds raised locally are invested locally, on local people.

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How you can get involved

Attend a Fundraising Event

Attend one of the various fundraising events leading up to and on the big day. Family fun days, Trivia Nights, Bake Sales and more...!