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There is always something cool to do at YMCA-managed pools during the hot summer holidays. Get a head start with our intensive YMCA Swimming Lessons, enjoy inflatable fun, dive in movie events and picnic days, or just cool off.

  • YMCA Adult Squad

    Do your heart and your joints a favour with this water-based program. Adult Squad improves cardiovascular fitness while avoiding impact-related strains associated with land-based activities. It’s suitable for a wide range of swimming abilities and fitness levels, and is a great way to connect.

  • YMCA Aqua

    With this unique, sociable workout, you get fit while the water takes the weight, eliminating much of the impact and gravitational stress of land-based exercise programs. As a result, YMCA Aqua is ideal as part of an injury rehab program, as well as for general fitness, strength and endurance training.
  • YMCA Aqua baby

    Introduce your little one to the water in the safe surrounds of a YMCA Aquababy class. With a focus on parental education and connection, this progressive, early childhood program for infants aged from six months (or four months if they have had all their vaccinations) is ideal for any mum or dad who wants their baby or toddler to learn to swim early and gain water safety skills for life.
  • YMCA Aqua Aerobics

    With this unique, sociable workout, you get fit while the water takes the weight, eliminating much of the impact and gravitational stress of land-based exercise programs. As a result, YMCA Aqua Aerobics is ideal as part of an injury rehab program, as well as for general fitness, strength and endurance training.
  • YMCA Aqua Deep

    Prepare to be challenged with fun, impact-free exercises designed to improve balance, agility, posture, flexibility and core strength. This welcoming class uses water resistance combined with a cardio component for toning and fitness.
  • YMCA AquaFit

    Get together at the Y with a fun-loving bunch of AquaFit fans who use water resistance to increase cardiovascular fitness. The low-impact program is kind on joints and accommodates all fitness levels, allowing you to work out in either the shallow or deep sections of the pool.
  • YMCA Aqua Gold

    If you enjoy good music, good friends and good fun, you’ll love YMCA Aqua Gold. With no complicated moves, this mature-aged program uses light dumbbells, noodles and other equipment in both resistance and low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

  • YMCA Holiday Aqua Fun

    Banish boredom and turn up the school holiday fun with a trip to your local Y-managed pool. Book those all-important swimming lessons, work on your fitness, cool off or watch the kids have a blast with our Inflatable Fun program. There’s so much going on, the only question is what to do next.

  • YMCA Holiday Splash

    The Y’s intensive Learn-to-Swim program is a school holiday staple. Taught by qualified, friendly instructors, the course covers water safety, and stroke development and correction in a safe and stress-free environment so you can be confident your kids will enjoy the learning process.

  • YMCA Hydro Aqua

    If you’re looking for a gentle aquatic exercise class, this Y program is made for you. A popular choice with older adults, it uses the hydrotherapy pool where the water is warm all year round. This welcoming and friendly program caters for all abilities and levels of fitness so don’t be shy – join us today!

  • Hydrotherapy

    Conducted in the warm, chest-deep spa, hydrotherapy involves individually designed exercises. These are taught by a Therapy Max physiotherapist in a 30-minute session according to your health needs, whether muscular relaxation, swelling reduction or easier movement.

  • YMCA Swimming Lessons

    Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain with YMCA Swimming Lessons. 

    Swimming strokes such as freestyle and backstroke are an important part of swimming. However it’s vital your children learn personal survival skills, not for just the pool, but rivers, lakes and the ocean. With YMCA Swimming Lessons, your child will learn these lifesaving skills. They’ll also have access to the pool outside of lesson times, receive merchandise discounts, and there’s no re-enrolment process. Our nationally accredited teachers give you regular feedback on progress, and a certificate after your child completes each level. 

  • YMCA Lunch Fitness Group

    Lunchtime is a great time to find fun and fitness at your local Y-managed pool. This group of confident lap swimmers meets at scheduled times, and offers advice on technique plus encouragement and an opportunity to recharge your batteries after a busy morning.
  • YMCA Masters Swim Squad

    Discover a community of like-minded swimmers at Masters Swim Squad. They like to keep fit and have fun while they’re doing it. This friendly squad is a popular choice for matureaged people who swim for exercise, and can be relied on for encouragement and a warm welcome.

  • YMCA Shallow Aqua

    The water may be shallow but there’s nothing superficial about the results that this program
    delivers. Taking place in the leisure pool, this friendly and supportive class uses the water for
    resistance training to enhance cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

  • YMCA SwimFit Adults

    Take your swimming skills, strength and endurance to the next level with this sociable land and pool program. Designed for confident lap swimmers of all ages and fitness levels, the program is run by professional coaches whose technique tips and encouragement will help you achieve real results and personal goals.
  • YMCA Swim Squads

    Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, the Y has a swim squad that’s just right for you. Drills, stroke correction and advice on technique from professional coaches will help you get the most from your program, reach your goals, and get fit and have fun in the process.

  • AquaSafe

    The Y’s industry leading Learn-to-Swim program provides more than swimming lessons; it ensures you’re water-savvy for life. Whether you want to swim for fun or fitness, the Y’s swimming lessons give you vital skills and confidence. While drowning is the leading cause of death for under-fives, this program is open to all ages and runs year-round, with intensive school holiday sessions also available.