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About YMCA NSW Youth & Government

Our YMCA NSW Youth & Government (Y&G) programs is all about empowering and supporting young people to reach their potential! We give young people opportunities to be empowered, speak up and become the leaders of today, tomorrow and the future! We do this by delivering multiple Y&G programs:

1.    YMCA NSW Youth Parliament

2.    YMCA NSW Junior Parliament

3.    YMCA NSW Parliament Primary School

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Through the Y&G programs, we acknowledge young people’s contribution to the community and the important role they play in strengthening and serving their communities.  

Our commitment to youth empowerment

Our Y&G programs are one of the key ways we deliver on our commitment to youth empowerment; in fact, the Y has been in the business of empowering young people for the past 160 years! We do this through the YMCA Youth Empowerment Change Model of:

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Key contact:

Ruby-Lyn Ward
Program Coordinator- Youth & Government
P: 02 9633 8284
E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.