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Things to do inside with your kids (that aren't TV)

It's raining outside, and the kids are stuck in the house. All they want to do is flip on the TV. But before they do that, try out these suggestions on them. They might end up finding something much more fun to do! 

1. Write a book

Why not get your children to make up their own story? Help them get started by coming up with a topic for them to write about, and let them weave their wonderous words. If they're really feeling creative, let them illustrate their new story, or even act it out.

2. Cook a yummy treat for afternoon tea

Get the kids in the kitchen and let them cook up a storm. Not only will they learn valuable cooking skills, you'll start them on the road to becoming bonafide foodies. 

3. Get crafty

All those used toilet rolls and empty milk cartons can come in handy when it's too wet to go outside. See what amazing creations your children can make out of the recyclable items in your home.

4. Dress ups

Let your children's imagination run wild and see what wonderful fun and exciting characters they become in a game of dress ups. They could use old clothing, sheets, curtains, cardboard boxes - whatever takes their fancy!

5. Dance!

Just because it's raining outside, doesn't mean you can't still get active! Put on some fun music and get moving inside. Not in the mood to dance? You can still work up a sweat playing games like musical chairs.

Do you have any other ideas on how to keep the kids entertained during raining days? Let us know in the comments below.