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4 reasons to get kids into the outdoors

In the hussle and bussle of everyday life, it's important to remember to spend some time outdoors everyday. Here are four reasons you should encourage your kids to get into nature.


Foster a love of nature

Getting into the great outdoors teaches kids to love and appreciate the natural world. There’s the thrill of spotting a wallaby in the bush for the first time, the adventure of seeing the trail left by a goanna and the joy of listening to rainbow lorikeets chatter away at sunset. 


Get fit and active

While many children at home watching TV or playing videogames, being outdoors encourages your kids to get fit and active. Outside activities like riding on bikes, exploring local bushland or going for a swim gets kids exercising without even realising it.


Understand the environment

Being out in nature encourages kids to learn about their natural environment. Going for a hike or going canoeing can lead to children having greater appreciation for the wildlife in the area.


Ah the serenity!


For kids who live in the city, spending a some time in bush is good for the soul. Camping is a great way for kids to experience the wilderness and immerse themselves in outdoor activities. Besides, it’s hard not to be happy when surrounded by nature, and what child doesn't enjoy the novelty of sleeping under the stars. 

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