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Reclaim Your Motivation

05 Oct 2015 -

When we start our fitness journey, it’s easy for us to get out and exercise. The workouts are fun and we have a determination to succeed. Fast forward a month however and the routine workouts are a lot less appealing than an extra hour’s sleep while the determination gives way to the apathy and the continual list of goals that are still to be achieved.

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry – we’ve all been here before and you can get out of it! You’ve just got to reclaim that motivation you had at day 1.

But how do you do that?

While social media posts about the fact that summer is on the way, those reminders from the gym to check in or new year resolutions to become a better you might go some way to getting motivated – it’s our internal motivation that usually gets us up and moving.

Read on for our top 4 tips to reclaim yours!

1. Be wary of unrealistic offers or programs

Reclaim Your Motivation

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! A whole sub industry now exists on social media promising the fastest, quickest results. Many of these self-proclaimed ‘fitness experts’ with little in the way of qualifications, re-surface as summer approaches blasting their products or programs with the latest buzz words and pictures of chiselled abs.  Learn to read through the marketing hype and educate yourself on the basic principles of exercise and nutrition to ensure any program you undertake will deliver results that will last for the long term.


2. Strive for consistency over perfection


Results are achieved one day at a time and consistency is the key. It’s inevitable with today’s busy lifestyles that some of your planned exercise sessions will be missed, so allow for some imperfections in even the most well scheduled of weeks. Swap your missed visit to the gym with a walk or jog, try a ‘walking meeting’ or phone call at work, a quick bodyweight circuit (great for home or while travelling) or relaxing stretch session before bed.


3. Sometimes less is more


Utilise the time you have in the most effective way. Great results can be achieved in small amounts of time by choosing the most effective workout for you. Speak with a trainer to understand what type of exercise, including the intensity and duration might be best suited to you and your goals. The answers may surprise you. 


4. Bring the fun factor


If your exercise experiences in the past have felt like a chore, look for new options that may be more suitable and enjoyable. While intense exercise may contribute to faster results, it’s not necessary that you carry the ‘no pain - no gain’ motto into each session. Truth is, we are far more likely to stick with something that we enjoy doing.  Include some moderate intensity options that you can do alone, or socialise with a friend or in a group that will enable you to enjoy the improvements in your health and fitness.

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