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Older Australian’s are getting more active

01 Mar 2017 -

An interesting article from the Huffington Post says an increase in incidental activity is on the rise as Australians are getting older. 

Starting younger and maintaining habits into older age is behind the increased level of activity in seniors. However with an estimated 70 per cent of Australian adults still not meeting recommended activity guidelines, the following tips can help ensure you move more to live a better quality life:

  • Do something over nothing: On those days where you don't feel like doing anything, a little bit of something is better than nothing.
  • Seek joy: If you don't enjoy it, it is highly unlikely that you're going to stick with it.
  • Work within your pain-free range of motion: Find out what you can do, figure out what your pain threshold is and try to work up to that easily. A little bit of discomfort is okay, but it should never be agonising.
  • Social connections are key: Go out and find people that you enjoy spending time with and be active with them.
  • Warm ups and recovery time are important: Always include a gradual warm up to ease your body into exercise and remember that recovery time allows your body to be ready
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