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Ability Programs

YMCA NSW runs a suite of programs that provide practical assistance that eliminates barriers to participation in fitness programs. The social atmosphere encourages connection, friendship and skill development.


GymAbility is a gymnastics based program that provides the opportunity for people with a disability to get active, increase mobility and participate in a spot that they may never have considered as an option. All levels of participation are encouraged; from joining in to competing at Regional, State or National level.

Participants can progress at their own pace, developing coordination, flexibility, fine and gross motor skills. Improving, achieving and excelling are great by-products of GymAbility.


SwimAbility is a vital swim and be safe in the water program for people with disabilities. This program builds aquatic fitness, skills and confidence so that participants can safely enjoy all the waterways Australia has to offer.


FitAbility is based around fitness programs for people with disabilities. This may include group fitness classes or one on one, customised fitness programs aimed at increasing fitness levels in an environment where people can connect and share experiences in a healthy, supportive environment.


SportsAbility is a group skill building sports based program. Participants may choose from a variety of sports ad such as sitting volleyball, bocce, table hockey, and table cricket just to name a few.


CheerAbility is a group program focusing on activities like cheering, dance, sports and aerobic movement.


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Program Funding

Our inclusive and accessible programs are supported by donations from corporate sponsors and everyday Australians.

Please help us provide practical assistance and eliminate barriers to fitness.

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