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For Families

At YMCA NSW, it is our responsibility to ensure all members of your family enjoy a safe environment that is free from danger and mistreatment.

Our before and after school care and vacation care facilities operate under a strict set of guidelines, which aim to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm and abuse. The guidelines also cover policies for protecting your child from sun exposure, sickness and smoking. 

The YMCA NSW has established Codes of Conduct for YMCA NSW staff members and clients that clearly state what is expected of both parties when they are at a Y-operated space or event. You can read these guidelines ­– and all about our safety policies – in our YMCA NSW Client Handbook.

Recently, the YMCA NSW developed a Safeguarding Framework, which contains the organisation’s Statement of Commitment to Safeguarding, as well as practical steps we can take to ensure that people in our care are safe.

All YMCA NSW staff and volunteers undergo extensive screening before they are employed and must hold current Working with Children Check and Working with Vulnerable People (ACT) clearance. Our staff members receive regular training in child protection and first aid and their work performance is reviewed regularly.


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