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PrYme Winners

17 Aug 2018
PrYme Winners

The pryme play activity was a great way for pryme members to meet other members as well as try new activities and have some fun and exercise at the same time

The pryme play winning team was called “the Fem Fitales”and consisted of
Linda – who was the inspiration for getting the team together
Julie –was the quiet achiever who soldiered on through a cold and was the first to finish...
Bev – the whip cracker!! Making sure everyone had completed their classes and got their stamp, as well as completing all the classes herself
Fem – Had a go at everything and was often roped into doing an extra class even though she thought she was finished for the day
Andrea – was a superstar after being away for the first week hit the ground running in the second week even doing 4 sessions a day to catch up and with a little help from the team

Congratulations ladies and to all other PrYme members who participated!

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