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Fitness, Swim & Sports

At the Y, health and fitness is about so much more than a visit to the gym or pool, it’s about achieving your goals with the full support of our friendly, qualified staff. We offer a range of programs and services across NSW.

  • General Programs

  • YMCA Dance

    Share good times and stay active with a dance program at the Y. Choose from a range of classes
  • YMCA Drawing & Painting

    Whether you want to paint like Picasso or are simply looking for an artistic and relaxing hobby, our Drawing & Painting classes offer a great place to start. Our teachers are experienced and take the time to ensure you develop your creative talents and enjoy the program.
  • YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing

    Up for a physical and mental challenge? Suitable for all ages and abilities, indoor rock climbing builds flexibility and balance, and empowers you to set personal goals, challenge yourself and overcome fears. Through the special bond between climber and belayer (partner), it also promotes trust, communication and responsibility.
  • YMCA Judo

    Judo at the Y ticks all the boxes for developing strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and confidence. With no punching, kicking or boring, this exciting martial art requires you to rely on throws and grappling techniques to defend yourself so it appeals to all ages, young and old.
  • YMCA Martial Arts

    If you appreciate a sport that will develop your mind, body and spirit, the martial arts are for you. At the Y, we offer a range of martial arts, such as judo, karate and kempo jutsu. Each has its own traditions and techniques, but all are taught by qualified instructors in a friendly setting.
  • YMCA Racquetball

    Famously an invention of the YMCA, this fast-moving indoor game is easy to learn and play, making it an appealing option for all ages and abilities. Playing racquetball at the Y is an enjoyable and competitive way to maintain your fitness, agility and quick responses.
  • YMCA Sunday Brekky on the Deck

    Next Sunday, ditch the soggy cornflakes and take a trip to YMCA-managed The Entrance Ocean Baths, where a warm welcome, unspoilt views, and delicious food and coffee await. What a great way to relax and reconnect with family and friends!
  • YMCA Tai Chi

    This ancient martial art is a gentle way to exercise mind, body and spirit. While the unhurried sequences originate from combat and self-defence moves, at the Y, the focus is on mobility, flexibility, harmony, concentration and community. This makes tai chi an option for all ages and abilities.
  • PrYme Movers

    A gentle low impact cardio, fitball and weights class designed to improve functional strength and flexibility. A class designed specifically for the over 45's.

  • Youth & Kids

    At the Y, we believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. Thanks to the Y's youth-specific programs and services, more young people in communities around the state are taking a greater interest in learning, building self-confidence and making smarter life choices. 

  • YMCA Arts & Crafts

    Your child will enjoy exploring their creative side with this exciting Y program. As well as learning new skills, exercising their imagination and creating different craft items to take home each week, creative kids aged from five to 12 will love mixing and making friends with other children in our relaxed Y setting.
  • YMCA Challenging Minds

    Growing brains need exercise as much as growing bodies, which is why the Y offers Challenging Minds for kids aged five to 12. Working in a team, your child will tackle a variety of exercises using initiative and lateral thinking to develop their problem-solving skills, while building confidence and having fun.

  • YMCA Commando Kids

    This program gets the body moving and the heart pumping with fun fitness-based activities for kids. Custom-designed to be age-appropriate for children aged five to 12, the Y’s Commando Kids offers plenty of variety to keep them on their toes, while building social skills and encouraging new friendships.

  • YMCA Flexible Respite

    Children aged from five to 12 with a physical or intellectual disability are sure to enjoy this After School and Vacation Care program. It offers a range of engaging activities catering to your child’s individual needs and interests – including fun craft, games, music, sports and excursions – and an opportunity to enjoy good times with other children and build allimportant social networks.

  • YMCA Get Fit Kidz

    This after-school program for kids aged between five and 12 is not just about fitness – it’s about positive exercise habits for life. The age-appropriate exercise program is delivered by a qualified Y fitness trainer, with the emphasis on variety, fun, safety, confidence and self-esteem.

  • YMCA Healthy Futures

    Healthy Futures gives youths detained at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre in regional NSW a range of positive experiences to help them turn their lives around. Through fitness, personal development and vocational training, the program supports young people to rehabilitate, reconnect, share positive experiences and stay out of trouble.
  • YMCA Homework Help

    At the Y, we’re about improving minds as well as bodies, as our Homework Help program for kids aged five to 12 proves. It provides a supportive and friendly after-school environment where children can tackle their homework, supervised and guided by our encouraging staff.

  • YMCA Itty Bitty Sports

    A fun children’s program that challenges body and mind, the Y’s Itty Bitty Sports program focuses on a new sport each session. As well as learning the basic skills required to play each game, your child will develop the life skills needed for teamwork and making friends.

  • YMCA Kinder Sports

    With the Y, you’re never too small to start playing sport. The program is a fun way for children to discover team sports. Pre-schoolers from age three can try their hand at soccer or multisports (soccer, netball, lacrosse, European handball and dodgeball), while the five-to-10-yearolds can choose from outdoor soccer, multi-sports, basketball or badminton.

  • YMCA Kinder Tots

    Need a hand with toddler-taming? This Y program is designed to introduce tots aged 18 months to three years to the concept of structure, the fun way. With help from you, your child will enjoy a variety of exercises each week, developing social skills, strength, coordination and confidence. It’s a great program for connecting you with other families.

  • YMCA Leaders in Training

    Bringing together the many benefits of work experience and volunteering, the Y’s Leaders in Training program is an opportunity for young people to develop their leadership potential. As a part of one of our centre teams, you will gain practical experience in the recreation industry, and grow both personally and socially.

  • YMCA Learn & Grow

    Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in this program for pre-schoolers aged from three to five. The leaning curriculum covers letters, shapes, colours, hand-eye coordination and much more to keep your child challenged and engaged. Learn & Grow is also the place for them to make friends and learn valuable social skills.
  • YMCA Teen Fit Camp

    Getting healthy is just one of the many benefits of Teen Fit Camp. Custom-designed for kids aged 12 to 16, it consists of challenging age-appropriate exercises that will give you good fitness habits for life, help you build your confidence and provide great opportunities for fun and friendship.
  • YMCA Teen Gym

    If you’re aged from 11 to 16 and want to feel good inside and out, head down to Teen Gym at the Y. This after-school program is a fun and friendly fitness option just for teenagers, with qualified fitness trainers to show you how to develop positive exercise and healthy eating habits for life. As well as building physical strength and health, Teen Gym will boost your confidence, self-esteem and opportunities for friendship.

  • YMCA Teen Gym Access

    This fitness program comes with freedom from structured classes, making it a great option for teens aged 12 to 16. You can work at your own pace towards your own goals, while still having access to the social and supportive Y environment for motivation and encouragement.
  • Learn-To-Play

    Aimed at 5 - 12 year olds along with Teen Sports classes, our sports program provides a fun introduction to sports. Each session includes skills, training and a mini-game. 

    Please call your centre to book a free trial class!


  • YMCA Indoor Basketball

    More than 120 years after the first official game of indoor basketball was played at a YMCA gym in New York City, this fun sport is a favourite at the Y. With competitions for men, women, mixed teams and aged teams, plus coaching programs and indoor court hire, there’s a place for everyone.

  • YMCA Indoor Netball

    Among the most popular of our team sports, indoor netball is a fast, skilful game and a great way to get fit and make new friends. It’s a popular choice for outdoor netballers wishing to maintain their fitness during the off-season, and being indoors, it’s weather-proof.

  • YMCA Indoor Soccer/Futsal

    Whatever the weather, your local indoor soccer/futsal pitch is always perfect come gametime at the Y. Sociable competitions for women, men and mixed teams are organised by the Y and are the ideal way to enhance your skills and fitness for your own satisfaction or ready for the outdoor season.

  • YMCA Birthday Parties

    Birthdays are all about family, friends and fun, so where else would you hold your party but at the ultimate community facility

  • Indoor Sports

    Got Game? Then it’s time to show off your sporting skills at YMCA Indoor Sports!

    YMCA Indoor Sports Competitions offer Junior and Senior competitions with great facilities, professional referees and online draws, results and fixtures at 10 Y Centres across NSW. Put a team together or sign up individually and enjoy a social way of keeping fit and healthy in a safe sporting environment.

  • YMCA Indoor Basketball

    More than 120 years after the first official game of indoor basketball was played at a YMCA gym in New York City, this fun sport is a favourite at the Y. With competitions for men, women, mixed teams and aged teams, plus coaching programs and indoor court hire, there’s a place for everyone.

  • YMCA Indoor Netball

    Among the most popular of our team sports, indoor netball is a fast, skilful game and a great way to get fit and make new friends. It’s a popular choice for outdoor netballers wishing to maintain their fitness during the off-season, and being indoors, it’s weather-proof.

  • YMCA Indoor Futsal

    Whatever the weather, your local indoor futsal pitch is always perfect come gametime at the Y. Sociable competitions for women, men and mixed teams are organised by the Y and are the ideal way to enhance your skills and fitness for your own satisfaction or ready for the outdoor season.

  • YMCA Indoor Touch

    Affiliated with the NSW Touch Association, the Y’s indoor touch competitions are all about action, fitness and friends. Whether you just like to play sport with your mates or you want to maintain your physical condition ready for the football season, indoor touch has a lot to offer.

  • YMCA Indoor Soccer

    Whatever the weather, your local indoor soccer pitch is always perfect come gametime at the Y. Sociable competitions for women, men and mixed teams are organised by the Y and are the ideal way to enhance your skills and fitness for your own satisfaction or ready for the outdoor season.

  • YMCA Dodgeball

    Kids are crazy to play dodgeball at the Y, which is hardly surprising when it’s so exciting – and very sociable. If your child is aged five to 12 they are welcome to come along give it a go. It builds fitness, reflexes and teamwork, and encourages connection and fun with other kids.

  • Events

    YMCA centres regularly open their doors to the wider community through Family Fun Days and other family-focused events. Our facilities are also a popular as birthday party venues, bringing family and friends together for a fun celebration.

  • YMCA Aqua Birthday Parties

    There’s nowhere as cool as the pool for kids’ birthday parties. If your child loves the water, the Y makes a great location for their celebration. We can organise and supervise the event, allowing you to relax while the birthday girl or boy and their guests enjoy fun pool games and activities together.

  • YMCA Birthday Parties

    Birthdays are all about family, friends and fun, so where else would you hold your party but at the ultimate community facility
  • YMCA Charity Golf Day

    This annual fundraising event sees the Y’s corporate partners joining forces for a great cause – supporting the YMCA Siblings Reconnect program. Each year, the YMCA Charity Golf Day aims to raise more than $40,000 for camps that reconnect siblings separated in foster care. For golfers, there’s the satisfaction of lending a helping hand to kids in need, plus the chance to network and practise your drive shot at the renowned Macquarie Links International Golf Club.

  • YMCA Dive-in Movies

    Dive in for a night of togetherness, connection and fun with the whole family at the Y’s Dive-in Movie Nights. From the comfort of the pool, relax and enjoy a family-friendly movie, handpicked to ensure fun entertainment for all. And after the movie’s over, enjoy a swim together for a perfect end to the evening.
  • YMCA Family Fun Days & Nights

    Experience how the Y unites communities at our Family Fun Days and Family Fun Nights. A tangible example of community strengthening in action, these events are low-cost and are a great way for families to spend quality time together, with age-appropriate fun for children and plenty of activities for everyone. Come down and see what the Y has to offer you and your family, connect with other families in your community and just have a fun day or evening out.

  • YMCA Gymnastics Displays

    When our young gymnasts showcase the skills they’ve learnt during the year, it’s hard to know who is more proud: the kids or their families. The Y’s Gymnastics Displays provide an opportunity for families to share a special moment, and for younger siblings, it can provide the inspiration and motivation to get involved too.

  • YMCA Gymnastics Family Days

    Don’t be shy; come and try! The Y’s gymnastics open days are family-friendly, and an unbeatable opportunity to inspire your child to get involved by participating in our safe, supervised try-outs. You’ll also be able to tour our other facilities and see everything else we have to offer.

  • YMCA Grandparent Mornings

    At the Y, grandparents are part of the family, too. We know how much you value your time with your grandkids, and our Grandparent Mornings are an opportunity to observe your grandchild’s gymnastics lesson, share special time together and strengthen the bond between the generations.

  • YMCA Inflatable Fun Days

    Wet and wild Inflatable Fun Days at the Y offer a great way to get the kids up off the couch and active. Our pool inflatables are huge – and they’re big on fun, play and healthy exercise, too. Once your children have experienced one Inflatable Fun Day, they won’t want to miss the next.

  • YMCA Learn-to-Play End-of-Term Events

    Your child’s first experience of team sport is a special moment. That’s why we like to celebrate the Y’s Learn-to-Play program with a lively family event for the kids who’ve participated during the season. There are always fun activities, such as a jumping castle, and the free barbecue is a drawcard too.
  • YMCA SportsAbility Gala Day

    Everyone with an intellectual or physical disability is welcome to join the Y for our exciting SportsAbility Gala Day. Held to celebrate the International Day of People with Disability in December, it gives you the opportunity to try different events, have fun, meet new people and build team spirit, while learning about our wide range of programs for people with disabilities.
  • YMCA Sports Competitions End-of-Season Events

    The end of the sporting season is the time to reminisce about the highlights and share a few laughs with teammates. At the Y, we know that team spirit and friendship is built off the field, as well as on, so many of our sporting competitions celebrate season’s end with a barbecue and presentations.
  • YMCA Swimathon

    Dive In, Help Out and provide vital swimming and water safety skills by supporting the YMCA Swimathon. At this nationwide annual event, people of all ages and abilities come together to swim laps, enjoy time with family and friends, and raise funds for the Y’s Learn-to-Swim program for people with a disability.
  • Aquatics

    There is always something cool to do at YMCA-managed pools during the hot summer holidays. Get a head start with our intensive YMCA Swimming Lessons, enjoy inflatable fun, dive in movie events and picnic days, or just cool off.

  • YMCA Aqua baby

    Introduce your little one to the water in the safe surrounds of a YMCA Aquababy class. With a focus on parental education and connection, this progressive, early childhood program for infants aged from six months (or four months if they have had all their vaccinations) is ideal for any mum or dad who wants their baby or toddler to learn to swim early and gain water safety skills for life.
  • YMCA Holiday Aqua Fun

    Banish boredom and turn up the school holiday fun with a trip to your local Y-managed pool. Book those all-important swimming lessons, work on your fitness, cool off or watch the kids have a blast with our Inflatable Fun program. There’s so much going on, the only question is what to do next.

  • YMCA Lunch Fitness Group

    Lunchtime is a great time to find fun and fitness at your local Y-managed pool. This group of confident lap swimmers meets at scheduled times, and offers advice on technique plus encouragement and an opportunity to recharge your batteries after a busy morning.
  • AquaSafe

    The Y’s industry leading Learn-to-Swim program provides more than swimming lessons; it ensures you’re water-savvy for life. Whether you want to swim for fun or fitness, the Y’s swimming lessons give you vital skills and confidence. While drowning is the leading cause of death for under-fives, this program is open to all ages and runs year-round, with intensive school holiday sessions also available.

  • Gymnastics

    Burn energy, boost your confidence and build friendships with YMCA Gymnastics. 

    YMCA Gymnastics is a great way to develop strength, coordination and confidence in a fun and friendly environment.

  • YMCA Artistic Gymnastics

    Joining an artistic gymnastics program with a leader in the field like the Y is a great way for people of all ages and abilities to discover this challenging sport. It develops strength, coordination, flexibility, motor skills and confidence, and the friendly setting is a great place to meet new people.
  • YMCA Elite Gymnastics

    The Elite Gymnastics program at YMCA Epping sees athletes gain access to world-class facilities, instructors and programming. The program has produced numerous international gymnasts in the past 30 years, including an Olympian, and participants have the opportunity to compete at many state, national and international competitions. It promotes both physical and personal development, and allows young people to connect with those who share the same passion.
  • YMCA Kindergym

    Circuses, superheroes, Olympics and other exciting themes mean there’s always fun to be found at the Y’s Kindergym, for children aged 18 months to five years. As a parent, you will appreciate the beneficial impact on your kids – such as improved coordination, problem-solving and confidence. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to participate by offering support, boosting their confidence and seeing them learn and develop in front of your eyes.
  • YMCA Rhythmic Gymnastics

    The Y’s Rhythmic Gymnastics program combines elegance of ballet, the aerobics of dance and the coordination of artistic gymnastics. Using balls, hoops and ribbons, this Olympic sport builds gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and you’ll enjoy the fun, friendly environment, too.

  • YMCA Colours Gymnastics

    The Colours classes are focused on teaching the fundamental body movements and equipment skills of Gymnastics in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
    Here the children are taught to a programmed assessment system which still revolves around fun. We follow a progressive colour system which is Orange, Blue and Red for the boys; Pink, Blue and Red for the girls. At the completion of a colour each gymnast receives a certificate and progresses to the next colour.

  • YMCA Stages Classes

    The Stages classes are focused on further developing the fundamental body movements and use of equipment skills of Artistic Gymnastics in a friendly, supportive and challenging atmosphere.
    This class is for children who have completed the colour assessment or have been assessed before attending classes. Gymnasts are now tested to a 1-5 stages system, and whilst the emphasis is still on enjoyment this prepares the gymnast for more difficult skills and the option to enter into Levels Gymnastics.

  • Gymnastics Levels (WAG, MAG)

  • GymFit

    GYMFIT is a non-assessment class for both boys and girls. GYMFIT is about fun, gymnastics, fitness, personal challenges and time to spend with other peers.
    It is a class where not only Gymnastics skills are included, but also fitness style exercise, whether it will be working out in the Fitness Centre, using the Pit trampoline or running laps around the oval. A class, where you can still learn and practice handstands and cartwheels, skills on bars, beam and vault.

  • YMCA Adult Gymnastics

    Whether you’re a beginner wanting an introduction to gymnastics or an ex-gymnastic keen to rediscover some form, you’ll fit right in. Adult Gymnastics at the Y is a fun and friendly program for women and men aged 16 and above, incorporating all apparatus plus stretching and conditioning.
  • YMCA Sports Acrobatics

    You get the best of both worlds with the Y’s unique Sports Acrobatics program; the physical benefits of a gym class combined with the shared enjoyment of being part of a team. Stretch, jump and tumble in pairs, trios or fours. It’s a blast, whatever your age, ability or gender.
  • Power Tumbling

    Power tumbling is performed on elevated spring runway that help tumblers propel themselves high as they demonstrate speed, strength and skill while executing a series of acrobatic manoeuvres. Top-level contenders will perform explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists.

  • YMCA Teen & Adult Gymnastics

    Everyone aged 16 and above is welcome at this broad-based gym program, which incorporates all apparatus plus stretching and conditioning time for strength and flexibility. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an ex-gymnast, you’ll find plenty to enjoy, including the friendly atmosphere.
  • YMCA Trampolining

    No room for a trampoline at home? No problem! Just sign your kids up for trampolining at the Y. It provides the perfect introduction to the skills of this Olympic sport for children with and without experience. It’s not only fun, but great for their fitness, interpersonal skills and social lives.
  • Parkour

    Parkour is being able to manoeuvre your body through and over obstacles. Our Parkour class offers a range of skills specialising in tumbling, climbing, vaulting, swinging and strength. This class caters for all skills levels including Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. This class is for 12years +.

  • Inclusive Programs

    At YMCA NSW, we believe people of all abilities should have equal access to health and fitness activities. That’s why our sports, recreation, health and leisure programs are designed to be inclusive for all. It is our hope to motivate people with disabilities to participate and exercise their independence and choices in a supportive, social environment that builds self-esteem. We pride ourselves on being the only fitness and leisure organisation in NSW to provide a full suite of health, fitness, sport and recreation activities for people with disabilities. 

    YMCA programs for people with disabilities

    We have created a customised suite of programs for people with disabilities. These provide practical assistance to encourage participation and promote a supportive, social atmosphere that encourages connection and friendships.

  • YMCA FitAbility

    The FitAbility program tailors fitness programs to individuals or groups with a physical or intellectual disability. It’s all about providing functional fitness options for adults. We provide practical assistance, a positive atmosphere and the opportunity to connect through shared experiences, making physical activity a rewarding experience. 

  • YMCA GymAbility

    GymAbility is our recreational and competitive gymnastics program for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. You can try your hand at trampoline jumps, tumbling and more in a fun, safe and soft environment. Progress at your own pace, develop coordination, flexibility, motor skills and confidence, and experience the satisfaction of achieving and excelling. This program caters for beginner groups and people with higher support needs, through to participation at a competitive level

  • YMCA SportsAbility

    Playing sport is a great way for everyone to get active. It’s a positive challenge that can awaken your competitive spirit. Through our SportsAbility program, we modify sports activities to make participation fun and easy for all. It unites people with shared interests and can assist on the pathway to participation into mainstream sports.

  • YMCA SwimAbility

    Everyone should have access to potentially life-saving swimming lessons. Our SwimAbility program helps to develop aquatic fitness and water safety skills for people of all ages with physical and intellectual disabilities. This program also builds confidence and empowers participants to achieve their best. Our experienced instructors help you to learn and have fun in a safe environment. 

  • YMCA CheerAbility

    CheerAbility is the Y’s team-based physical program for adults and young people with an intellectual disability. It’s about being active, having fun and making friends. It offers a wide range of activities such as gymnastic type activity, cheer, dance and sports acrobatics. It fosters fitness, learning, self-esteem and team spirit.

  • YMCA Integration Programs - Bankstown City YMCA

    This innovative program builds social networks and independent living skills by connecting adults with physical and intellectual disabilities into mainstream community groups and experiences.. These shared activities are always great fun and include bowling, movies, picnics, weekends away, holidays and camping experiences.

  • YMCA Flexible Respite - Bankstown City YMCA

    Children aged five to 12 years with a physical and or intellectual disability are sure to enjoy this After School and Vacation Care program. It offers a range of fun and engaging activities catering to your child’s individual needs and interests, such as craft, games, music, sports and excursions. They’re an opportunity to enjoy good times with other children and build all-important social networks.

  • Other Programs

  • YMCA Brightside

    YMCA Brightside Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lifetime.The Y’s Brightside program offers opportunities for people with a mental illness to improve their physical, social and mental health and wellbeing. The program offers free and unlimited access to a Y facility for 60 days, as well as a customised exercise program and one-on-one support.

    Click here to download the YMCA Brightside Referral Form 

    For more information, please contact:

    Felice Cary

    YMCA Brightside Coordinator


    Phone: 02 9687 6233

    People affected by mental illness often experience weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood glucose levels. A wealth of research points to the positive effect of exercise on mental wellbeing, namely by reducing stress, increasing energy levels and improving self-esteem and confidence.YMCA Brightside Mental Health & Wellbeing program was established based on this research and promotes exercise as a recovery mechanism for people with a mental illness. The program offers free and unlimited access to a Y facility for 60 days, as well as a customised exercise program and one-on-one support. Designed in collaboration with Suicide Prevention Australia and the Black Dog Institute, the Y’s Brightside program has assisted over 500 people since it began in 2009.

    The program also won the 2010 award for Innovation in Service Delivery from the Mental Health Association of NSW Health.


    How YMCA Brightside Works


    New participants are accepted through self-referral, referral from a carer or referral from a
    doctor, social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional.
    The Y may request that individuals who have self-referred also provide a referral
    confirmation from their doctor, mental health professional or social worker to ensure
    we are providing the best possible care and the right program for each individual.
    The referral form at the back of this brochure can be faxed or emailed to YMCA NSW or
    your local Y Brightside location.

    We’ll call you

    Once the form is received, a Brightside program leader will contact the referrer to discuss
    the program in detail and confirm it will be of benefit to the patient.
    If we can help, the program leader will arrange the first meeting and introduction to the Y for
    the participant and continue to work with the referrer to provide complete support.

    First visit

    A first-time visit to a gym can be a daunting experience for anyone. We arrange for a
    program leader to personally meet and greet the participant for a full orientation, which
    will include a tour of the Y, a general health questionnaire, goal-setting and a fitness
    consultation to determine the best personalised exercise program for the participant.

    Begin the journey

    Each following visit to the Y allows the participant to speak with the program leader about
    their progress. The program can be adapted as required.
    Additionally, this contact will allow for more guided sessions on specific equipment, an
    opportunity to learn new exercise techniques and, importantly, assistance in maintaining

    Program review

    At the end of 60 days, the program leader will meet with the participant to review the
    program and explore options to continue exercising at the Y. The program leader will also
    ask participants to complete a brief questionnaire to be shared with the referring health


    We Care

    We seek regular input from referring health professionals to interpret each participant’s
    assessments and gauge the impact of the program on their life. At all stages, our primary
    focus is the health and wellbeing of the individual. We take all necessary care
    in this matter and highly value discretion and their right to privacy.

  • YMCA Indigenous Management Academy

    The Academy was established to create career opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are passionate about sport and recreation. It operates three-year Indigenous traineeships at Y-owned or managed centres. 

  • YMCA Integrated Recreation

    By connecting adults with physical and intellectual disabilities to mainstream community groups and experiences, this innovative program builds social networks and independent living skills. Fun is had by all who share the activities, which range from bowling and picnics to holidays and camps.
  • YMCA Vietnam Veterans

    Sharing mateship, war stories and fitness goals gives this group exercise class a unique spirit. While its focus is on maintaining strength, flexibility and functional fitness, the program is a valuable way for Vietnam veterans to connect with each other.
  • Membership and Fee Assistance

    The YMCA is committed to overcoming disadvantage and making healthy lifestyles accessible to all people, regardless of their age, race, ability or financial capacity. At the YMCA we will proactively provide access and opportunity to Indigenous Australians, the aged, the disabled and those suffering financial hardship through our Fee Assistance program.

    No person willing, but unable to pay, will be denied access to YMCA programs or services.

  • Health and Fitness

    At the Y, health and fitness is about so much more than a visit to the gym. It's about wellness of body, mind and spirit, which explains why people pay more than 1.3 million visits to our facilities each year. Of course, we offer a wide range of exercise options, from personal training to group fitness classes, but what sets us apart, and keeps people coming back, is the warm welcome and sense of belonging. As you work towards your goals, you'll have not only our qualified instructors but the wider Y community behind you.

  • Group Fitness

    With so many group fitness options to choose from at the Y, there’s sure to be a class that’s right for you. Whether you choose aerobics, boxing, circuits or something else, you’ll find there’s nothing better than group fitness for motivation, encouragement, networking and making new friends.

  • YMCA Ab Blast/Abs & Core

    Up the intensity of your workout with a program that strengthens your lower back and develops all abdominal areas. The exercises will keep you motivated and challenged, and you’ll appreciate the results and the friendly company.
  • YMCA Abs

    This intense 15-minute workout is short, sharp and targets all areas of the abdominals to ensure your core achieves tip-top condition, while also strengthening the lower back. The short duration makes the class ideal for busy people, or combine it with a longer workout for a more social experience.

    Tone up and look terrific with a program that blitzes those common problem areas

    More than just a workout for cardiovascular fitness, the dynamic BBT program targets trouble spots. The toning, sculpting effect on your belly, butt and thighs will help you to look as good as you feel, and the sociable environment is great for making new friends.
  • YMCA Beep Test/Shuttle Run

    Designed to complement any cardio exercise program, this test offers the ideal way to stay motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals. Held monthly, it measures your cardiovascular fitness, tracking improvement so you know exactly how much you have achieved.

    BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout that builds your strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

    BODYBALANCE™ is the holistic yoga, tai chi, Pilates workout that builds your flexibility and strength, and leaves you feeling centred and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a structured series of moves help you achieve a state of harmony and balance.
  • YMCA Body Bike

    Indoor cycling gives your body a fun cardio workout that burns calories, strengthens muscles and increases endurance. Various terrains
  • YMCA Body Burn

    Banish boredom with this fun and varied program designed to increase cardio fitness, promote muscular endurance and burn calories. A moderate-to-high-intensity workout, it uses boxing, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and more to keep you on your toes.

    BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic, fun program is inspired by mixed martial arts, and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

    An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds, this program puts as much emphasis on fun as on breaking a sweat. Learn to move with attitude, burning calories and building coordination as you go, and enjoy connecting with a great group of dance-loving people.

    Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast with the original barbell workout. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning, encouraged all the way by your friendly instructor and class-mates.

    BODYSTEP™ is the energising and fun step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step, you’ll push fatburning systems into high gear, followed by muscle conditioning moves for shaping and toning.
  • YMCA Boot Camp

    Fresh air, fun and a unique team spirit are just some of the pluses of the 10-week YMCA Boot Camp. This varied outdoor program incorporates medicine balls and other equipment, as well as a great range of activities like boxing and obstacle courses, to help you reach your goals.
  • YMCA Boxing

    A popular boxing-style workout, this program combines the best of impact and cardio training. You’ll learn new skills and moves, improve coordination and enjoy getting fit with the support of a friendly and encouraging group.
  • YMCA Box & Burn

    If you’ve ever wanted to try a boxing-style workout, this program provides a lively introduction. It’s a basic boxing and cardio circuit class that’s easy to follow and sociable, too. Best of all, at just 30-minutes long, even busy people can make time for it.
  • YMCA Boxfit

    Why bottle up stress when taking the Y’s Boxfit class provides instant relief? The boxing-style workout combines both impact and cardio-training, and suits people of all fitness levels. There’s a relaxed, social vibe, and if you bring a friend you can work out together for added motivation.
  • YMCA Cardio Box

    Get fit and stay in shape with the Y’s Cardio Box, a program that incorporates the best of cardio training and bodyweight resistance exercises. The class is a great way to improve coordination, and as part of an enthusiastic and friendly group, you’ll be motivated and supported all the way.
  • Challenge Fitness Camp

    Fresh air, fun and a unique team spirit are just some of the pluses of the Challenge Fitness Camp. This varied outdoor program incorporates medicine balls and other equipment, as well as a great range of activities like boxing and obstacle courses, to help you reach your goals.
  • YMCA Circuit

    Your body will soon start to feel and display the benefits of the high-intensity aerobics and resistance training that comprise this program. Circuit at the Y is fun, easy to follow, yet because it’s several workouts in one, you’ll improve cardio fitness, tone and burn unwanted fat.
  • YMCA Circuit/Cardio Blast

    Spice up your exercise plan with a workout that targets all areas of fitness. Based on an interval training format, combining bursts of aerobic activity with exercises requiring muscular strength and endurance, it makes a great choice for people who enjoy a varied and friendly fitness program.
  • YMCA Circuit/Run

    This combination fitness program brings reflex, power projection, strength and cardiovascular fitness into play for a complete workout. A run kick-starts the sociable Y group class, followed by a concentrated abs and back workout, and finally a stretch and cool-down routine.
  • YMCA Core Blast

    Short, sharp and intense, this half-hour workout focuses on getting your core in shape. A variety of exercises and challenges keep it interesting as you develop all areas of your abdominals and strengthen your lower back, supported all the way from your friendly instructor and class-mates.
  • YMCA Core Conditioning

    If you want to reach peak condition so that you can make the most of every day, this fun circuit-based Y program is for you. The workout conditions muscle groups utilised in functional, everyday movements, and includes major muscle exercises to help burn calories.
  • YMCA Cross Circuit

    Using an interval-style training format, this program is all about variety, results and the fun of sharing a group fitness experience. Using our Octane equipment, Cross Circuit at the Y combines cardio, endurance and resistance training to boost your fitness on a number of levels.
  • YMCA Cross Train

    Set yourself a fitness challenge with the Y’s Cross Train program. Whatever your abilities or level of fitness, this workout keeps it fresh and fun. Combining exercises for cardio fitness with circuit training, the program is ideal if you’re ready to take your fitness up a notch.

    Looking for a short, sharp workout that’ll inspire you to the next level of fitness while
    strengthening and toning your body? Based on cutting-edge scientific research, the
    choreographed 30-minute CXWORX™ program combines the best of personal training with the
    energy and social vibe of a group fitness class

  • YMCA Cycling

    This sociable program brings the challenge of outdoor cycling indoors for a guided workout that incorporates various terrains and intervals. Great music and your enthusiastic instructor will help motivate you as you reach for your goals, whatever your fitness level.
  • YMCA Energy

    One class, full-body fitness! What could be easier? The Y’s Energy program is based on an intervaltraining
    format where bursts of aerobic activity are interspersed with resistance-training sessions
    and abdominal/core work. The variety results in a fun experience for all in this friendly class.

  • YMCA Express Row

    Rowing goes fast and furious with this express indoor class that’s perfect for busy bodies
    without hours to spare. Build up a sweat, burn calories and get toned all over – you’ll love the
    results and the company of a great group of people who like to challenge themselves.

  • YMCA Fat Burner

    Designed for fitness, fun and
  • YMCA Fighting Fit

    Fun is as important as fitness in this interval training program. Fighting Fit at the Y focuses on burning maximum calories using a range of exercises, some including glove and pad work. Best of all, it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of fitness or ability. All you need is bags of energy.
  • YMCA Functional Fitness

    Want to maintain everyday fitness so you can function well at home and work? This highly practical program targets muscle tone through strengthening and developing exercises, while raising the heart rate for cardio fitness. The group enjoys a great team spirit, too.
  • YMCA Go-Go-Stop!

    A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program, the Y’s Go-Go-Stop! workout is a winner for
    all-over fitness. By mixing the calorie-burning ‘go’ phases with functional fitness exercises
    during the ‘stop’ rest breaks, you’ll achieve great results. It’s fun, too, thanks to the sociable Y


    This program wraps two Les Mills favourites into one full-on body blitz. The BODYPUMP™ barbell workout sculpts, tone and strengthens your entire body, while BODYSTEP™ is an energising and fun step workout that pushes fat-burning systems into high gear.
  • YMCA GroupFit Circuit Training

    The fresh alternative to fitness workouts that have gone stale, this circuit program incorporates hand weights, fit balls, step, skipping and more to keep you active and engaged. Choose this lively class for building all-round fitness in good company.
  • YMCA Gym Spin

    Taking a stationary exercise bike for a spin burns serious calories, and it’s great for cardio
    fitness, too. This sociable 45-minute program focuses on interval and strength training, and
    it’s delivered by a Y instructor so you can be sure your workout is of the highest quality

  • YMCA Hard Core

    Abs looking less than awesome? If so, this friendly group fitness program has your name written all over it. The intense, 30-minute workout has been designed specifically to blast your core with a range of exercises that develop all abdominal areas while strengthening the lower back.
  • YMCA Heart Class

    If heart health is top of mind for you after a cardiac episode, this unique and welcoming program has a lot to offer. The class focuses on safe, effective transition exercises for those who have had cardiac rehab, either at a medical practice or in hospital, so you will need medical clearance from your GP.
  • YMCA Kettlebell Class

    Given that the kettlebell has been used for centuries, you can be confident that this workout
    is worth the effort. The rounded weights, held securely by handles, are highly effective in
    toning and developing muscles, and the Y’s group fitness environment is both supportive
    and friendly.


    Even with a busy life, you can still achieve fitness and a great physique with this rapid results
    30-minute program. Targeting the trouble areas of legs, bum and tum, the Y’s sociable LBT
    program will help you sculpt and tone so you feel as fit as you look.

  • YMCA Olympic Lifting

    If you’re on a mission to build lean muscle fast, the Y’s Olympic Lifting program is the
    workout for you. Learn the basics of weightlifting using correct posture and technique
    to maximise your hypertrophy training, and enjoy the connection and motivation that
    characterises group fitness.

  • YMCA Outdoor Body Blitz

    Fast-track your fitness program and enjoy a healthy dose of fresh air in the process with the Y’s Outdoor Body Blitz. This is a premium boot camp-style workout for all ages and fitness levels that will push you to achieve your very best while enjoying the camaraderie of a funloving fitness group.

  • YMCA Pilates

    Whether you’re new to exercise or an experienced athlete, the friendly Pilates class at the Y is the place to improve muscular strength, core stability, posture and flexibility. Pilates works the body as a single unit, focusing on alignment and positioning to lengthen and strengthen the deeper trunk muscle.

  • YMCA Power Blast

    This short, sharp class is the perfect all-rounder for anyone wanting to improve cardio fitness and muscular endurance. Go hard for 30 minutes, working every part of the body, as part of a motivated, friendly and fitness-loving group
  • The YMCA Regime

    If your aim is to shape up fast, this intense yet sociable boot camp-style outdoor program will sort you out. Our experienced personal trainers will give you all the motivation you need to achieve your goals with a varied workout that may include military-style, cardio-specific, functional and resistance training.

  • Rip:60™

    Promising a total body transformation in just 60 days plus good times with fun people, this suspended weight-training program uses revolutionary rotating straps and your own body as resistance. Working your core, lower body and upper body, you’ll train towards the ripped look you’ve always wanted.
  • RPM™

    RPM™ is the friendly indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain with your inspiring coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and interval training. Discover the athlete within; sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.
  • YMCA Running Group

    If you have the City2Surf in your sights or another running event, or you simply prefer to run
    in company, the Y’s Running Group is for you. It provides a positive training environment with
    plenty of encouragement and can be a great place to meet people with similar interests.

  • SH’BAM™

    Featuring simple but seriously hot dance moves, SH’BAM™ is the way to shape up and
    showcase your inner star, even if you’re dance-challenged. Set to a soundtrack of charttopping
    hits, dance music, remixed classics and modern Latin beats, SH’BAM™ is a fun,
    sociable way to exercise.

  • YMCA Spin

    As much about inspiration as perspiration, this indoor cycling program is non-impact and a great fat-burner. Sessions require no coordination and cater for all levels of experience and fitness as you control the intensity. The strong team spirit makes for a thoroughly enjoyable workout, too.
  • YMCA Spin Circuit

    This program brings together the best of indoor cycling and outdoor interval/circuit training for a varied workout that keeps you interested and engaged. Get the heart pumping and the legs moving for all-round fitness, and enjoy the camaraderie of this friendly group class.
  • YMCA Step

    Blitzing butt and thighs, burning calories and working the abs – the Y’s Step program is a
    great all-over workout. Using a stationary step, you’ll follow a simple choreographed routine
    in the company of an enthusiastic instructor and a motivated, friendly class.

  • YMCA Step/Pump Mix

    Two popular workouts, step and pump, come together in the Y’s exciting and friendly
    ‘mix’ program. Thirty minutes of step will work your lower body and get your heart-rate up,
    followed by a half-hour of body-toning pump. If you’re short on time, you can attend either
    half of the program.

  • YMCA Strength & Sculpt 

    Whether you want to tone-up all over or target specific areas, this program will soon have you looking your best. The workout focuses on strengthening and sculpting muscles using bands and weights, and the group class format means you’re never short on friendly motivation. 

  • YMCA Stretch

    Look no further for a low-impact class designed to keep you supple. Stretch at the Y is the
    ultimate in floor-based programs. Whatever your fitness level, it will help improve joint and
    muscular flexibility without undue strain on your body, and you’ll appreciate the supportive

  • YMCA Super Circuit

    Revolutionise the way you train with an all-over workout alongside a fun-loving bunch of people. A cross training/circuit-based class, Super Circuit at the Y works your entire body using a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises to improve muscle strength and tone.
  • YMCA Suspension

    Suspension training using resistance straps is one of the latest ways to build strength, core
    stability and endurance. As part of a friendly and inclusive group class, you’ll perform dynamic
    movements throughout the intense 30-minute express program to give your core a great

  • YMCA Power Box

    Introduce this sociable boxing-style program into your workout week for cardio and upper
    body fitness. Modifiable to suit your fitness level, the Y’s Power Box uses boxing training
    equipment and resistance to strengthen and tone upper body muscles, and improve core
    stability and fitness.

  • YMCA Power Hour

    Fitness, fun and friendly people – you’ll find all three at the Y’s Power Hour. With all the variety
    of a cross-training/circuit-based class, this program combines resistance and cardio training
    for a full body workout that improves muscle tone as well as general fitness.

  • Powerstrike™

    Embodying the principle that the body trains the mind, Powerstrike™ combines martial arts and fitness aerobics in a heart-pumping, energising hour of choreographed punches and kicks. Extend your physical limits to realise your inner potential.
  • YMCA 3x3

    Let this program take you right out of your comfort zone to show you the physical results
    you’re capable of achieving. The format is based on a trio of three-minute, high-intensity
    workouts that target your physical conditioning and mental perseverance. It’s full-on yet
    supportive, and the results are worth it.

  • YMCA Trim & Tone

    If it’s time to show that muffin-top the door, join the Y’s Trim & Tone program, which
    specialises in the body bits that cause the most trouble. The class is low impact and easy to
    follow, and you’ll enjoy shaping up with a fun group of people.

  • YMCA Upper Resistance

    Whether your aim is to find an introduction to resistance training, grow your confidence or simply bring some variation to your existing training, this program has much to offer. As well as building upper body strength, this welcoming and supportive class is great place to build friendships.
  • YMCA W.O.W.

    If you like a surprise, you’ll love the Y’s Workout of the Week (W.O.W.), which is inspired by
    our trainers and presented once a week. It’s an express program, working out the entire body
    in just 30 minutes using minimal equipment. Expect to get fit fast and have fun.

  • YMCA Yoga/Yoga (Dynamic)

    Relaxing, revitalising, energising – the benefits of yoga are endless. At the Y’s friendly yoga class, you’ll follow a guided sequence of postures designed to align and extend the body while activating muscles to help you achieve the long, lean physique you’ve always wanted.

  • YMCA Yoga (Hatha)

    Overcome daily stress and increase wellbeing by working with posture (asana), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation (yoga nidra). This Y program is ideal if you want to feel better in mind, body and spirit, and the welcoming class will make you wish you’d joined long ago.

  • YMCA Yoga (Power)

    Increase strength, energy and vitality through dynamic movement and meditation. This Y yoga program is designed to improve body awareness and physiological and anatomical alignment as part of an inclusive group fitness class guided by a friendly and professional instructor.
  • YMCA Yoga (Vinyasa)

    Characterised by the relationship between breath and dynamic movement, Vinyasa Yoga focuses on the journey between postures as well the postures themselves. Guided by a friendly instructor, this program makes every movement flow, for improved circulation, flexibility and strength.
  • Yogalates

    A fusion of the very best of yoga and Pilates, Yogalates at the Y is a fitness program that works on strength and body awareness. Learn to control the body’s core postural muscles for relaxation and flexibility, and enjoy sharing your progress with a sociable and supportive group.

  • YWCA Encore

    This free eight-week program connects women who have experienced breast cancer through gentle exercise, relaxation, support and information. Operating in Australia for more than 25 years, YWCA Encore helps restore strength, mobility, flexibility, confidence and general wellbeing.
  • Zumba®

    Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people towards joy and health.
  • Pre-Party Pump

    A no rest, no limits intense muscular endurance workout. Get the blood flowing through the major muscles to prepare your body and ready for the all-important weekend.

  • Knuckle Up

    Release stress and tension that builds everyday with a combination of boxing, kick boxing and power exercise. A real workout!

  • Shockwave

    A mystery class that is guaranteed to get results. Expect the unexpected as this class changes every week.

  • PrYme Aerobics

    Great music to make you move your body. Work heart fitness with a little strengthwork to power through your day. This class is a little bit of everything.

  • Small Group Training

  • Zumba® Kids

    Calorie burning, body energising and awe inspiring movement! Zumba fuses hyptonic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a session like no other, no matter the fitness level. There are no wrong moves in Zumba! This is a class for kids and beginners.

  • YMCA Cardio Pump

    The perfect combination of strength and cardio. Shape and tone your entire body with a strength routine based on the hugely successful BodyPUMP™ program, then get your heart pumping with a simple cardio workout using a step platform.

  • PrYme Movers Programs

    PrYme Movers, which includes both land and water-based programs for mature adults, is based on progressive resistance training, and incorporates aerobic exercise, balance and flexibility classes. However, far from being just an exercise program, PrYme is a powerful social network for our participants who enjoy regular outings together and are encouraged to stay on after their class for coffee and a chat. PrYme Movers encourages participation and belonging, which are fundamental to quality of life.

  • YMCA PrYme Active

    Want to trim years off your heart and lungs? Join PrYme Active, a fitness program for mature adults. Focusing on cardio fitness, which tends to decrease with age, this group workout offers an encouraging and friendly environment that motivates you to achieve.
  • YMCA PrYme Aqua

    If you enjoy good music, good friends and good fun, you’ll love PrYme Aqua. With no complicated moves, this mature-aged program uses light dumbbells, noodles and other equipment in both resistance and low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

  • YMCA PrYme Dance

    Dance your way to fitness and fun with this program for mature adults. When you join a Y PrYme Dance class, you’ll discover that the moves are gentle and easy to follow, while regularly changing routines and styles keep it interesting. The sociable setting is ideal for making new connections, too.

  • YMCA PrYme Life (Tai Chi)

    Join a group of friendly mature adults for the Y’s PrYme Life program, and make new connections while enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing. The class uses tai chi’s slow, controlled movements to increase flexibility, strength, fitness and body awareness. It’s also an excellent form of meditation.

  • YMCA PrYme Start

    The measured pace of this sociable fitness program makes it the ideal choice for mature adults, particularly if you’re a beginner or want to reclaim control of your fitness after a period of inactivity. Each gentle move is designed to increase your strength, fitness and cardiovascular health.

  • YMCA PrYme Strength

    Get the most out of everyday living with a warm and welcoming program specifically designed to enhance strength, stability and balance. A workout based on resistance training, PrYme Strength will assist with strengthening your muscles and joints to give you better mobility and greater confidence.
  • YMCA PrYme Strength & Stretch

    A focus on improving strength, balance, mobility and flexibility makes the PrYme Strength & Stretch program a popular choice for mature adults. Whatever your ability, this low-impact class can help to improve your functional fitness, and the characteristic friendly Y setting is a bonus.
  • YMCA PrYme Strength/Zumba®

    Alternating between strength-building exercises and fun Zumba®-style dance moves, this Y program combines the best elements of two classes. It’s a smart choice for mature adults or those requiring rehabilitation exercises who want to improve everyday fitness in a friendly setting.
  • PrYme Functional Fitness

    For Strong Bones. A supervised, previously designed strength program, using gymnasium equipment for strong bones. Please make an appointment with gym staff prior to starting this program.

  • PrYme Easy Movers Functional Fitness

    A great start for people for health restrictions that limit their ability to stay active. This class is conducted whilst seated in a chair and will increase the range of movement, improve your co-ordination and rhythm.

  • PrYme Living Longer Living Stronger

    Strength, Balance, Gait, Flexibility and Co-ordination. Supervised strength training activities, using a combination of free weights and weight machines. Each participant is assessed and a program is tailored. Participants then take part in regular group

  • PrYme Easy Movers

    A great start for people for health restrictions that limit their ability to stay active. This class is conducted whilst seated in a chair and will increase the range of movement, improve your co-ordination and rhythm.

  • PrYme Total Body

    A class designed for heart fitness with elements of strength and flexibility incorporated to be a total body workout.

  • PrYme Ball

    Enjoy our modified version of volleyball. Held in the sports hall this program is lots of fun and great for keeping the body and mind active.

  • X-Lab Circuit

    State of the art functional fitness training; our X-Lab Circuit classes will push you to your limits whilst delivering total body, fat blasting results.

  • Abs & Stretch

    Up the intensity of your workout with a program that strengthens your lower back and develops all abdominal areas. The exercises will keep you motivated and
    challenged, and you’ll appreciate the results and the friendly company.

  • Upper Body Blitz & Lower Body Blitz

    Whether your aim is to find an introduction to resistance training, grow your confidence or simply bring some variation to your existing training, these two programs have much to offer.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is a great way to get that quick, short and sharp workout you were looking for and still feel like you’ve trained for an hour or more!

  • Personal Fitness

  • YMCA Personal Training

    Raise the bar on your health and fitness goals with our professional and affordable personal training. Our qualified and friendly personal trainers know all the tips and techniques for making your workout work hard for you, and they’ll keep you motivated and support you all the way so you reach your goals sooner.

  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain at YMCA Swimming Lessons.

  • YMCA Swimming Lessons

    Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain with YMCA Swimming Lessons. 

    Swimming strokes such as freestyle and backstroke are an important part of learning to swim and improving technique. However it is vital that every child also learn personal survival skills, not for just the pool, but rivers, lakes and the ocean. With YMCA Swimming Lessons, your child will learn these lifesaving skills plus much more.

    Our nationally accredited Swimming Instructors are passionate about teaching every child in Australia the joys of swimming.

    The YMCA Swimming Lessons program makes it easy for parents to know how your child is going with regular feedback on your child’s progress, and a recognition certificate after your child completes each level. 

    Beginning to Swim with YMCA Swimming Lessons?

    We cater for babies from as young as 6 months old all the way through to Adults with YMCA Swimming Lessons.

    Each level of our program is designed to teach your child the water safety skills they require, as well as improving stroke technique and competitive skills.

    Your child will love progressing through our swimming lesson levels at their own pace and they will love the fun certificate in recognition of achievement each time they are ready to move onto the next set of skills. 

  • YMCA Holiday Splash

    The Y’s intensive Learn-to-Swim program is a school holiday staple. Taught by qualified, friendly instructors, the course covers water safety, and stroke development and correction in a safe and stress-free environment so you can be confident your kids will enjoy the learning process.

  • Level Progression Chart

    Infants (6 months - 3 years)

    Introduce your little one to the water in the safe surrounds of an Infants class. Available to babies as young as six months, this class is ideal for any parent who wants their baby or toddler to learn to swim early and gain water safety skills for life.

    The program will provide education for parent/carers about aquatic environments, swimming and water safety.

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    Starfish / Periwinkle / Minnow

    YMCA-Swimming-Lessons STARFISH YMCA-Swimming-Lessons PERIWINKLE YMCA-Swimming-Lessons MINNOW

    Preschools (3-5 Years)

    YMCA-Swimming-Lessons TADPOLES


    Our beginner preschool level where participants will learn water safety and familiarisation, buoyancy and floatation, body position and rotation, underwater skills, stroke development including extended arm paddle, back sculling, aided kick on front and back. 

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons GOLDFISH




    Our second preschool where participants will learn buoyancy and floatation, body position and rotation, underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including torpedoes, independent kick on back, big arms introducing freestyle arms and backstroke arms.

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons FLYINGFISH

    Flying Fish

    An advanced Preschool class where participants learn buoyancy and floatation, underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including kicking on front with aid and side breathing, backstroke with correct arm and hand position, freestyle whilst attempting side breathing, survival backstroke and breaststroke kick with aid.

    School Age (5 Years and above)

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons OCTOPUS


    A beginner school aged level where participants will learn water safety & familiarisation, buoyancy and floatation, body position and rotation, underwater skills, stroke development including extended arm paddle, back sculling, aided kick on front and back and torpedos 3 metres.

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     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons SARDINE


    Participants will learn underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including torpedoes, independent kick on back, big arms introducing freestyle arms and side breathing and backstroke arms for 10m.

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     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons SALMON


    Participants will learn underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including freestyle with correct action and body position 12 metres, backstroke with correct action and body position 12 metres, survival backstroke kick with aid 5 metres, and breaststroke kick with aid 5 metres.

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons TUNA


    Participants will learn underwater skills, water safety, stroke development including correct freestyle action 25 metres, correct backstroke action 25 metres, survival backstroke unaided 12 metres, correct breaststroke kick with breathing for 12 metres.

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons DOLPHIN


    Participants will learn underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including freestyle 50 metres, backstroke 50 metres, survival backstroke25 metres, breaststroke 25 metres with correct arms, breathing and timing and dolphin kick for 12 metres.

     YMCA-Swimming-Lessons SHARK


    Participants will learn underwater skills, entries and exits, water safety, stroke development including freestyle 100 metres, backstroke 100 metres, survival backstroke 50 metres, breaststroke 50 metres, sidestroke, 50 metres and butterfly 15 metres.


  • Squads

  • YMCA Adult Squad

    Do your heart and your joints a favour with this water-based program. Adult Squad improves cardiovascular fitness while avoiding impact-related strains associated with land-based activities. It’s suitable for a wide range of swimming abilities and fitness levels, and is a great way to connect.

  • YMCA Masters Swim Squad

    Discover a community of like-minded swimmers at Masters Swim Squad. They like to keep fit and have fun while they’re doing it. This friendly squad is a popular choice for matureaged people who swim for exercise, and can be relied on for encouragement and a warm welcome.

  • YMCA Swim Squads

    Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer, the Y has a swim squad that’s just right for you. Drills, stroke correction and advice on technique from professional coaches will help you get the most from your program, reach your goals, and get fit and have fun in the process.

  • Aquatics for Fun

  • YMCA Aqua

    With this unique, sociable workout, you get fit while the water takes the weight, eliminating much of the impact and gravitational stress of land-based exercise programs. As a result, YMCA Aqua is ideal as part of an injury rehab program, as well as for general fitness, strength and endurance training.

  • YMCA Aqua Aerobics

    With this unique, sociable workout, you get fit while the water takes the weight, eliminating much of the impact and gravitational stress of land-based exercise programs. As a result, YMCA Aqua Aerobics is ideal as part of an injury rehab program, as well as for general fitness, strength and endurance training.

  • YMCA Aqua Deep

    Prepare to be challenged with fun, impact-free exercises designed to improve balance, agility, posture, flexibility and core strength. This welcoming class uses water resistance combined with a cardio component for toning and fitness.

  • YMCA Shallow Aqua

    The water may be shallow but there’s nothing superficial about the results that this program
    delivers. Taking place in the leisure pool, this friendly and supportive class uses the water for
    resistance training to enhance cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

  • YMCA Aqua Gold

    If you enjoy good music, good friends and good fun, you’ll love YMCA Aqua Gold. With no complicated moves, this mature-aged program uses light dumbbells, noodles and other equipment in both resistance and low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

  • YMCA AquaFit

    Get together at the Y with a fun-loving bunch of AquaFit fans who use water resistance to increase cardiovascular fitness. The low-impact program is kind on joints and accommodates all fitness levels, allowing you to work out in either the shallow or deep sections of the pool.

  • YMCA Hydro Aqua

    If you’re looking for a gentle aquatic exercise class, this Y program is made for you. A popular choice with older adults, it uses the hydrotherapy pool where the water is warm all year round. This welcoming and friendly program caters for all abilities and levels of fitness so don’t be shy – join us today!

  • Hydrotherapy

    Conducted in the warm, chest-deep spa, hydrotherapy involves individually designed exercises. These are taught by a Therapy Max physiotherapist in a 30-minute session according to your health needs, whether muscular relaxation, swelling reduction or easier movement.

  • YMCA SwimFit Adults

    Take your swimming skills, strength and endurance to the next level with this sociable land and pool program. Designed for confident lap swimmers of all ages and fitness levels, the program is run by professional coaches whose technique tips and encouragement will help you achieve real results and personal goals.