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Inclusive Programs

At YMCA NSW, we believe people of all abilities should have equal access to health and fitness activities. That’s why our sports, recreation, health and leisure programs are designed to be inclusive for all. It is our hope to motivate people with disabilities to participate and exercise their independence and choices in a supportive, social environment that builds self-esteem. We pride ourselves on being the only fitness and leisure organisation in NSW to provide a full suite of health, fitness, sport and recreation activities for people with disabilities. 

YMCA programs for people with disabilities

We have created a customised suite of programs for people with disabilities. These provide practical assistance to encourage participation and promote a supportive, social atmosphere that encourages connection and friendships.

  • YMCA FitAbility

    The FitAbility program tailors fitness programs to individuals or groups with a physical or intellectual disability. It’s all about providing functional fitness options for adults. We provide practical assistance, a positive atmosphere and the opportunity to connect through shared experiences, making physical activity a rewarding experience. 



  • YMCA SwimAbility

    Everyone should have access to potentially life-saving swimming lessons. Our SwimAbility program helps to develop aquatic fitness and water safety skills for people of all ages with physical and intellectual disabilities. This program also builds confidence and empowers participants to achieve their best. Our experienced instructors help you to learn and have fun in a safe environment.